High Performance Gantry

Sage Automation High Performance Gantry Robots

The Sage Automation High Performance Gantry Robot is applicable for mid-range automation that requires faster speeds and accelerations with more rigidity while carrying heavier payloads. This High Performance Gantry Robot was built as part of a larger factory automation system built to work with existing equipment or with other O.E.M. machinery. Our High Performance Gantry has been used in Pipe Handling, Forge Loading & Unloading, Paper & Tissue, and Synthetic Board Manufacturing Industries. Sage Automation can custom engineer a High Performance Gantry to fit your specific industrial automated material handling and warehouse distribution needs.

High Performance Gantry End Effector:


 J-Hook with Top Clamp


High Performance Pipe Handling Gantry Robot Layout


High Performance Gantry Case Study:

Overall Design:

This High Performance Gantry system was built to process heavy pipe in a manufacturing process. Sage automation systems that have been built in the past have handle loads from 50-60lbs all the way up to 8,000lbs.

Sage Automation System Goals:

  • Increase safety by reducing operator handling of pipe
  • Eliminates use of fork trucks and overhead cranes
  • Allows operator to focus on other tasks
  • Increase throughput rates
  • Streamline process between stations
  • Allows for 24 hr. operation with minimal staff


Summary of High Performance Pipe Gantry System:

The pipe entered the system on chain conveyors which was staged into a pick position thru a series of photo eyes. Once it was in position the gantry robot moved to the designated pick position and began the automated handling process. This system utilized two gantry robots that shared a common frame. The gantry robots were synchronized thru the software to operate in tandem. This pipe handling gantry system used a pair of J-hook as its End Effectors.

This Sage Automation Gantry system met all customer requirements and goals. The system increased throughput, increased safety, and has resulted in reduced labor cost allowing for around the clock production.