Light Duty Gantry

Sage Automation Light Gantry Robots

The Sage Automation Light Duty Gantry is applicable for entry level automation tasks such as case palletizing and material handling with lower payloads. This Light Duty Gantry can be built in a series alongside other gantries to function as an assembly line doing various task or built inline doing the same task with a shared infeed trunkline. Depending on product infeed rate this Sage Gantry Robot typically will have 2 to 3 product build locations and can also function as its own pallet and slip sheet dispenser.

These can be built as part of a larger warehouse distribution system that can work with Sage Automation Railcars, conveyor lifts, and stretch wrapping systems. Sage Automation can integrate multiple machines into one networked system, regardless of the manufacturer as long as Sage’s equipment can establish I/O communication with the other OEM’s equipment. Sage can streamline your production needs.

Light Duty Gantry End Effector:

Multifunction Clamp with Pallet Picking Option


Light Duty Palletizing Gantry Robot Layout


Light Duty Gantry Case Study:

Overall Design:

Sage Automation, Inc. built a system that featured three mini-gantry robots that had sorting conveyors and pallet handling equipment.

Major components:

  • Light Duty Gantry (x3)
  • End Effector (x3): Fork & Clamp w/ vacuum cup option
  • Robot Servo Control Cabinet (x3): Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLC
  • Servo Drive Systems
  • Safety Fencing
  • Sorting Belt Conveyor with fourteen (14) spurs
  • Pallet Dispenser (x3)
  • Slip Sheet Hoppers (x2), Robots #1 & #2
  • Pallet Handling Conveyors